Newborn Car Seat Comparison – Britax Marathon Convertible Versus RECARO Signo G2


So are you having a hard time finding the best baby car seat for your child?

I understand how you feel. In fact, I compared the seats of all kinds of cars through the Internet և shopping centers և, as a result. The more I see, the more confused I am about which one to buy for my little ones. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

But, I have a hint for you… և this is it.

In our searches, we tend to look for a popular brand name first, as this gives us more confidence in the brand reputation. So for this review, I have selected two popular convertible car seats, such as your link.

Britax Marathon Click և Safe Convertible car seat.

It is suitable for a child from 4 to 35 pounds (back cover) և 20 to 65 pounds (front cover). Ue Smart Side Protection is a unique design system that keeps your baby’s head, neck and spine properly aligned to prevent accidental injuries. Եւ A secure clamping system is designed for the appropriate level of comfort of the newborn. Maximum comfort օգտագործվում positioning features are used for child safety և comfort for parents. The 5-point braided armor with four arms height allows the child to enjoy the seat with a comfortable and safe feeling. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Nevertheless, There are also some shortcomings… և this is …

It’s kind of expensive, at around $ 160. Har rag adjustments require new threads,, this makes many parents feel uncomfortable.

RECARO Signo G2 Convertible Car Seat:

It is suitable for 5 to 35 pounds sterling (back cover) և 20 to 70 pounds sterling (front side). It can be fitted with most vehicles and also has side effects. RECARO has deliberately designed an infinitely adjustable knob և for comfort և innovative LATCH horse design with easy rear-to-front shift. It has 5-point armor, top strap and microfiber cover. Another top rated car seat for most travelers. Installation is simple և Easy to install for most parents.

Disadvantages of this car seat this is ….

It is expensive, around $ 290. This could not fit in a two-seater car, as RECARO explicitly states that it cannot be installed in the front seat of any car.

Arn warningRead the specifics: shortcomings և decide which one fits your own needs և requirements. In general, convertible car seats are highly rated by many users, և definitely worth your time to study for further consideration.