Kiteboard Leash – Why not use one?


A kiteboard chain is any notebook that attaches a kitboard or kitsurfer to its tape recorder, not to be confused with the kite belt, which is the most important piece of kitboarding security equipment. The idea behind the Kitbord’s rope will help the wearer not to loosen the board when the two split. The problem is with the security of this invention, what can happen when things go wrong?

First, learning to pick up your board after it falls is a step in the learning process that comes before you learn to drive a kite board. The process of obtaining microcells, which we can call the body weight above or the directional body weight. If you can not pull your confident body back on your board every time, you are not ready to try to drive it. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Many of us went to driving lessons or to our parents, learning to drive in the parking lot. Remember that sooner or later your kite shard will break if it does not break you first. When you succeed, how will you return to your board ??? Before becoming a kiteboarder, the savings person will be an experienced kiteboard specialist. Please, safe and independent.

The second point is that kite strings are dangerous. Try searching the following on the internet. kiteboarding kitesurfing board connection accident kitemare. Dig a little, you will find some horror stories և often graphic pictures of the kiteboard leash massacre. I often hear people say in the same mind that they are wearing a leash, but they are wearing a helmet. The smart thing is that the helmet will not protect your face, will not prevent the clasp / board from getting tangled in your flight lines և a number of other mishaps և well documented tragedies. Fact: It is easy to pull the body to get a board, most of my students learn the technique in 20 minutes or less.

The last point is economics. I hate to have to use this argument, but many people think they will not have an accident, so they ignore the safety argument. It is good that the base of the board is tied so that one does not lose the malat board. Since production boards cost $ 500- $ 900 new, ավելին custom boards even more so, it is a reasonable concern. However, buying a $ 79 line-tangled head-tram cord is not an issue. If you’ve found any stories about cataracts, you know that many of them ended up in hospital visits. So economics is finally at work. Buy a new board against travel hospital. I think one trip to the hospital would cover the cost of many new boards. Hello, why not go for a cheap used board if your headwind does not pick up, but you insist on sitting in a cab?

Aside from being safe, regardless of the risk of serious injury or even death (yes, there have been deaths due to shackles), yes, yes, and the economic thing … I really can’t think of anything else. The reasons for not wearing a malat belt. Oh wait, wait. They look embarrassing, people will think you’s smart, the chicks hate them, your mom won’t approve, your family deserves you to come home. Surely you will see very good riders wearing kiteboard necklaces. And some pro kitesurfers wear them … triple-headed sails with small breaks in the coastal rocky outlines. This does not mean that it is a good idea for you to wear one.

If you still insist on searching the internet for the word “safe board chain alternative”, you will find a product that is REMOTE safer.